Office of the Finance Officer

Dr. Irala Lokanandha Reddy

Finance Officer i/c




Tel: 914023132200 

Shri P. Thukaram
Deputy Registrar
(Projects, PF/Medical/Pensions & Fellowships)
Tel: 914023132201

Shri Sai Jawahar
Deputy Registrar
(Accounts-I, Accounts-II & Pay Bills)
Tel: 914023132218

Dr. Wesly Kumar
Assistant Registrar
(Accounts-I & Accounts-II)
Tel: 914023132210

Smt. M. Premalatha
Assistant Registrar
(Projects & PF/Medical/Pensions)
Tel: 914023132207

The Finance & Accounts mainly functions under two sectors viz., Bills and Accounts.  The processing and Maintenance of Accounts are maintained in four parts viz.,

  1. Part-I – Maintenance (Non-Plan Account)
  2. Part-II – Development (Plan Account)
  3. Part-III – Earmarked Specific Funds (Projects Account)
  4. Part-IV – Debts, Deposits and Advances


The Finance & Accounts Section has the following Sections:

  1. Accounts-I     
  2. Accounts-II 
  3. Projects             
  4. Pay Bills
  5. Fellowships & Scholarships
  6. PF/Medical/Pensions
  7. F&A Computer Centre

Accounts-I Section deals with Accounting of grants and expenditure thereof, Investment of surplus funds, Timely submission of Utilization Certificates and various information sought by UGC/MHRD from time to time, etc.

Accounts-II Section deals with processing of Recurring / Salary Grant bills.

Projects Section deals with processing of Project Grant bills, Preparation of SoE and Utilization Certificates pertaining to various projects of faculty, etc.

Pay Bills Section deals with processing of salaries of Faculty, Officers, Non-teaching staff, Guest/Visiting Faculty, Income Tax (Salaries), etc.

Fellowships & Scholarships Section deals with processing of various fellowships bills of students, issue of no dues, refund of caution deposits, refund of admission fee (if withdrawn), Preparation and submission of Utilization Certificates, etc.

PF/Medical/Pensions Section deals with processing of PF Advances / withdrawals, Medical reimbursement bills (inpatient/outpatient), Retirement benefits, etc.

F&A Computer Centre facilitates all the Sections of F&A in computer related issues.

Grants are received from UGC / MHRD under the following heads:
a) OH-31 – Recurring                     c) OH-36 – Salary
b) OH-35 – Creation of Assets      d) HEFA (for construction works)

The following activities of F&A have been computerized.

  1. Bank Mandate Forms (for submitting to various funding bodies)
  2. Salary / Pension Slips
  3. GPF Loan / Withdrawal Application Forms / Annual Statements
  4. Life Certificate Form
  5. Form 16
  6. UoH Purchase Policy Formats
  7. UoH Pan Card and
  8. Sanction of Advances to Project Investigators