Hindi Cell

Implementing the Official Language Policy

Dr. Shree Gyanmote

Hindi Officer

Tel: 914023132129
E-mail: sgmad@uohyd.ernet.in

The Hindi Cell will look after the implementation of the Official Language Policy, Official Languages Act, Rules and other relevant orders issued by the Department of Official Languages, MHRD and UGC in the University. The Cell conducts Hindi workshops for Officers and Staff of the University to train them in Hindi noting and drafting. The cell organizes the celebration of Hindi Day/Fortnight and conducts various competitions during the fortnight. The cell also does the translation from English to Hindi and vice-versa from time to time, especially the Annual Report, Annual Accounts and the News Letter of the University. It conducts the Official Language Implementation Committee (OLIC) Meetings for implementing the different incentive schemes to promote the use of Hindi in official work.